A Grand Entrance for a Grand Opening

Persnickety Promotions helps you put your best look forward

A couple weeks ago, Persnickety Promotions attended a fantastic Grand Opening celebration for our client, La Petite Salon, in Carmel, New York. With the owner Lia’s visions, and Denise’s skill and attention to detail, they created a fun AND functional “swag bag” to get the crowds talking about this new hair salon.


When starting a project, we always look at the key elements in a company (i.e. a logo, specific colors or slogan). The salon has a woman’s face as their logo with the words “La Petite Salon” so we knew it was important to have these elements appear wherever possible to make this project a whole.


Starting with the hairbrushes, our client opted for their name and number only to appear on the back, rather than the image for the fear of it being too busy. The hairbrush itself is hot pink, calling upon the pinks found in the woman’s face and hair to create both contrast and unity. Although small in size, this hairbrush has a comfortable smooth handle just the right size for anyone to use without the struggle of letting go.img_5416

The hair tie, also hot pink, is an elastic ribbon with a width that allowed us to screen print on. By putting the company name, it gives a full view to those who may just get a quick glance of the hairband but still gets the name across. This is a more elegant version of the “usual” thin elastic hair tie but has a stretchy-ness to it and will not unknot itself.


Our third piece is a front and back screenprinted t-shirt we did in-house for our client. These shirts were part of the salon’s giveaway to further promote their brand. With the salon name on the front chest, the logo and the phone number were placed on the back for a full size view. To wrap it all up together is the tote itself. It’s sturdy nature and small shape makes it perfect to fit all the goodies inside.

That about concludes our time for this post. See something you like? Feel free to contact us today!

Apparel Avalanche at Persnickety Promotions!!!

Persnickety Promotions adds in house custom imprinting, vinyl and rhinestone production

IMG_4842    FullSizeRender

Persnickety Promotions is heating things up! (with a Heat Press)

Nothing says a “Job well done” when you hand off 400+ t-shirts for our local middle school for their field trip. With the help of our newly acquired tools and fast learning of the machines, Persnickety Promotions is proud to showcase some of our most recent projects. For the front of the shirt, we were asked to create artwork that encompassed a good chunk of what the kids would see/ do in Washington D.C. while still being fun and colorful. I think it was an overall success. In addition, we had to give an easy way for the kids to be identified even if they weren’t facing their teachers and chaperones, so we took the school’s mascot and the class colors and viola, colorful functional lion markers! These shirts were created with the help of our heat press and vinyl printer.

     IMG_4838    IMG_4834

For the Sparkle, Glitter, and Gem Lovers

There are so many applications for more fun printing processes and we found just a few. Whether you’re a sport parent looking to support your child’s team or a coach looking for something new, we have just the thing! Our sparkle vinyl not only comes in many different colors (blue shown above) but it also holds well to the fabric preventing any unwanted extra glitter. This was so fun we made a few extra for ourselves! Our rhinestone printer features a plethora of different sizes and shapes with more than 10 colors to choose from.

IMG_4833     IMG_4839

Our abilities to create custom apparel has given us (and you) the options of having projects done in a quicker time and at a great price! Our “Direct-to-Garmet” (DTG) printer has become a new member to the team and we can’t wait to bring in new clients with it.